Potential for the zombie apocalypse invites the paranoid to plan

Jeff Rome Staff Writer Apocalyptic nerds have reasons to be excited. Did you know that a chicken once survived for 18 months after having had its head severed? That, within a decade, scientists estimate nanobots, or tiny silicone chips, will be advanced and small enough to rewire thoughts in our brain? Oh, also, it might … Continue reading

Prescott’s peccaries bring wilderness close to home

Jeff Rome Staff Writer Javelinas have, to their benefit or detriment, inspired myths as varied as their diet. These creatures, who resemble Pumbaa the warthog from Disney’s “The Lion King,” elicit many different responses from Prescottonians. Some adopt them as household pets. Some, seeing javelinas walking their way, grab their dog and jump in the … Continue reading

Kestrel High breaks ground on new mosaic bench

Photo by Chad Castigliano.   By Jeff Rome Students and faculty at Kestrel High School have been digging through Prescott’s tough dirt to recreate the mosaic bench destroyed last fall. “We want it to be as if they just took the bench, picked it up, and dropped it off right here,” said Ron Harvey, dean of … Continue reading

Music at Prescott College? A look at the past, present and future

Holly Rollovick Staff Writer From bands like the Butte Creek Boys and Bird Teeth, to singer/songwriters and rap artists, many Prescott College students are enamored with music. Yet, due to space and budget constraints, the college currently does not offer regularly scheduled music courses. Students who want to study the field must do so through … Continue reading

Forms of faith in Prescott: three voice their beliefs

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer There are over 40 places of worship within the city of Prescott, roughly one for every thousand Prescottonians. Three young residents share how their belief systems affect their lives. Josh Kelly is a Prescott College student studying adventure education and outdoor leadership. He plays poker regularly and laughs easily. He is … Continue reading

A daytripper’s guide to Sedona vortexes

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer Sedona, Arizona, renowned for its striking red rock formations, is said to be home to an unusual energy phenomenon known as a vortex, defined as a concentrated funnel of energy. Cottonwood resident Kendra Catalane attributed the concentrated energy spots to giant “deposits of quartz under the earth that are being charged … Continue reading

Australia comes to Prescott

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer Australian Aboriginal art is difficult to find in the United States and even more unusual in Prescott. When you walk through the doors of the Vigraha Art Gallery, it feels as though you have stepped into a foreign land. The vibrant reds and luminous oranges of Australian landscapes begin to envelop … Continue reading

Prescott’s top four trail-running loops under ten miles

By Jeff Rome With the Whiskey Row Marathon coming up May 5, Prescott’s runners are out hitting the trails. Trail runners seem to gravitate towards the Peavine Trail by Watson Lake and the ever-popular Thumb Butte Recreation Area, but if it is worth the effort to drive, bike or run all the way to those … Continue reading

Ode to Earth

By Aysha Robinson Your spine stretches for ten thousand miles and your breath destroys the cities of men Your head scrapes the clouds and you heart spews fire, while your veins pulse and give life to every living thing There is no name for you. You are too big and unfathomable to be named. Yet … Continue reading

On Wrinkles

By Nell Smith They are the first sign, a slip of the tongue in speech, at the beginning of a story. They are at the close, echoed in the imprints on sheets, after life has slipped on. Do you remember the ripples in the water when the wind touches it, or in the sand dunes, … Continue reading