Kino Bay Station’s 20th anniversary

By Maria Johnson
Staff Writer

This May marks the 20th anniversary of Prescott College’s Kino Bay Center. This site, open to all students, has been bustling with ecological and cultural studies for nearly 20 years now. Located in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico, the field station offers endless opportunities to students, researchers and community members to take part in conservation, education, community outreach, and research on the Sea of Cortez.

Lorayne Meltzer, co-director of the field station says, “The purpose of the anniversary is to celebrate 20 years of the field station built by the contributions of so many people.” Any Prescott College student wishing to experience the magic of this place and hard-working people that brought it together is invited to the anniversary celebration.

The surrounding region of Bahia de Kino is alive with incredible ecological and cultural diversity. Envision a place where the dry desert cacti meets the salty sea and all its inhabitants; from whales and dolphins, to invertebrates and birds. The culture is rich as well, with the presence of the local Mexican and Comcaac communities who conduct many research and conservation projects to protect this unique area.

Ongoing projects at the station include work with local youth through the Environmental Education Program, focusing on conservation, natural history, and ecology. Bird monitoring in nearby estuaries and islands, plant surveying, and marine mammal monitoring through photographic identification are also currently being conducted at the Kino Bay Center.

The event begins the evening of May 13 and ends May 15, 2011 with field outings, food, music and art projects planned throughout the weekend. There will be an auction and other opportunities to support the field station and their outreach and research. Proceeds will go towards the community outreach program to both the Comcaac and Kino Viejo communities.

“May is one of the most beautiful months in Kino,” comments Research and Conservation Program Fellow, Abram Fleishman, who has lived and worked at the station since 2008. “Coming to celebrate the 20th anniversary will allow students to be a part of the history of the field station.”

Register by April 1st using the online form at

This article appeared in the March 2011 print edition of The Raven Review.

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