Bakers on bikes deliver fresh bread to your doorstep

By Daniel Roca
Staff Writer

Fresh from the oven, a loaf of Whole-Wheat Spelt Flax Sourdough rests open and broken into wedges on the table. Some of these organic golden crumbs roll precariously close to the edge, where they might fall conveniently into my palm and enter my mouth.

The loaf on the table is the latest child of Pedal Bread, a local business and independent study created by Prescott College students Kelly Morton and Chloe Rossano.  Their goal is simple: to provide the community with an affordable and delicious alternative to bread choices in Prescott.

“The bread options in Prescott are ridiculous,” said Morton. “Pangea and New Frontiers are really expensive. And if you don’t get it from those two places, you get it from Safeway, which has a lot of preservatives in it.”

Buying your bread from Pedal Bread costs $3 per loaf. Or, if you prefer to pay in bulk, join the Bread Share for $16 per month and have a fresh loaf delivered every week, via bicycle, to your door-step.

“Bread-baking is a lost tradition,” said Rossano. “Bread is so simple. It has three ingredients and everyone can do it if they try. In a country where we don’t have that much food culture … I think bread has the potential to become that again.”

Morton grew up in a family that emphasized the importance and culture of food. “Decisions you make around food are very political,” said Morton. “Especially right now, where you buy your food from, you are supporting something every time you do that. Even growing your own food … is taking a stand against the dysfunctional food system that we have.”

Though the project is currently small, they have high ambitions for it. They plan to take special orders and continue their Bread Share through the summer and fall, hoping to sign up at least 10 individuals per season. In the fall, they intend to begin a share that would allow people to purchase an entire semester of bread in advance, ensuring fresh bread at your doorstep every week.

Affordable, simple and healthy, the organic loaves range from Walnut Currant Whole-Wheat to Olive Garlic Rosemary, each one a golden basket of flavors waiting to be carried home and eaten.

Interested in trying one of Pedal Bread’s Creations? You can find them outside Prescott College’s Community Lunch every week, or contact Morton and Rossano at Also, look for Pedal Bread on Facebook.

This article appeared in the April 2011 print edition of The Raven Review.

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