Moon Signs

By Rebecca Antsis
Staff Writer

What did Russia and the US quarrel about owning in the early ’60s? What dastardly object can claim to be the inspiration for Luna Lovegood, the length of our month and the word “menopause”?

All right, you get it. But what is she? Or who is he? The Greeks called her Selene, the Egyptians, Isis. The Norse liked calling him Mani and for the Mesopotamians, he was named Sin!

Some are are convinced a man permanently squats there.

We have heard the moon take blame for all sorts of wackiness: turning upstanding citizens into ravenous werewolves, increasing crime rate or just bringing out the common lunatic in everyone — you could say the moon historically has not enjoyed a flattering status.

Oftentimes horoscopes may seem lacking in specificity because they only reveal a portion of you, without all the juicy interactions. Your Sun Sign (also known as your  “zodiac”), is meant to signify your core constant (not total) personality. It can also reveal what sorts of environments make you flourish. Important information, but not comprehensive.

In Occidental astrology, the moon sign represents your inner nature, your emotional life and how you find satisfaction in that realm. Because the Moon’s alignment is dependent upon exact time and place, you will have to do that on your own. Visit for some help.

Moon in the First House (Aries): Excitable. Temperamental. Reactive. Spontaneous. Self-Reliant. You need emotional stimulation to be satisfied. Your tempers/moods are very changeable, and others take notice. Because of your emotional sensitivity, you are prone to take things too personally. Resist. Become more attuned to the emotional lives of others and you will bring happiness to the land.

Moon in the Second House (Taurus): On the outside, you seem stoic. In fact, you are cautious. You feel with your senses. Appreciative of the familiar and the earthy, you are rooted — perhaps a little bit too much so. Money and possessions provide a sense of security, oftentimes false. Do not let them entrap you. You may also like to have a hold on people and manipulate them, in order to validate your own self-worth. Resist this temptation.

Moon in the Third House (Gemini): Restless. Sensitive. You can lose yourself in others’ ideas. You have a knack for sensing psychological states in others. More comfortable intellectualizing emotions than feeling them, you tend to try to divert their presence by busying them away. Breathe.

Allow them in, see them for what they are: just clouds passing by in your lovely blue sky. Greater awareness will follow.

Moon in the Fourth House (Cancer): You are ruled by a yearning to feel as if you belong. This may make you somewhat of a vagrant, often hopping from place to place to keep you emotionally fresh. The downside: immaturity, as you constantly exchange one external environment for another, without daring to peek inside yourself. Face your fear. It is not that scary, I promise. Potent attachments to the past and to habitual behaviors may lead to addictions. Watch yourself!

Moon in the Fifth House (Leo): Dramatic. Social. Emotionally effusive. A risk-taker. Your inner child is alive and well. You have not lost your imagination or infatuation with the whimsical; you are prone to daydreams. Shared emotional experiences are a priority. You cannot deny that you love a good chase. Profound fulfillment is elusive, as a result. Taking the time to stop, smell the roses and appreciate what you have, can make you happier.

Moon in the Sixth House (Virgo): Organized, health-oriented, studious, perfectionist. Emotional order is a necessity in your life. Without leading a life of varied utility, you feel ill at ease. Love to you is ideally expressed in tangible ways. Try to go easy on yourself. Examine the roots of your high expectations.

Moon in the Seventh House (Libra): Peace-loving. Amiable. You seek fulfillment through meaningful human relationships. You are at your best when intimately attuned to a partner. You have a tendency to search for your ‘soul-mate.’ Emotionally tender, you find it difficult at times to be content by yourself; you fear loneliness. Give some thought as to what your basic needs and boundaries truly are, and then do not budge.

Moon in the Eighth House (Scorpio): A master at re-invention. Passionate. Loyal. All-or-nothing mentality is one of your pitfalls and you have a fascination with what is considered taboo or secretive. At times, you are too energetically preoccupied with sexual exploration. If fear overtakes you, a tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness of a partner may ensue. Try to steer away from black and white thinking. Examine your desire to possess others.

Moon in the Ninth House (Sagittarius): Philosophical. Lover of various cultures and pluralities of existence. Reverential of the senses. Disdainful of the mundane. You are a thrill-seeker and an avid traveler, unhappy if not pursuing a challenging, definitive goal. Avarice, a burning for “more,” is something you have to learn to contend with. Check your “never enough” mentality. Realize sometimes less is more.

Moon in the 10th House (Capricorn): Powerful. Lovers of structured environments. Get ’er done types. Those whose Moon is in Capricorn flourish best when life is organized. You have an emotional need for public acknowledgement of your achievements. Others are often drawn to you as a pragmatic role model. Attention must be paid to your tendency to seek external recognition. The challenge for you will be to listen to your heart. Seek ways of being content, independent of how others perceive you.

Moon in the 11th House (Aquarius): Good-hearted. An unmistakable dreamer. Inspiring. You find strength in web-like associations with others. Your inner unrest is commonly manifested in the lack of ability to commit: to friends, to projects, even to aspirations. Try to do one thing at a time and remember no mortal can do it all. But one thing at a time adds up.

Moon in the 12th House (Pisces): Highly sensitive. Dominated by potent emotions. At times, you become overwhelmed. This requires you to carve out some quiet and solitude in order to process your thoughts. Feelings of being misunderstood arise with Moon in Pisces, as does the need to withdraw from reality. Try reaching out to others when you feel lonely instead of retreating. Learn from your moods and realize this too shall pass.
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