Prescott Brewing Co. spices up comfort food

By Morgan Rosenberger and Amber Faigin
Staff Writers

Established in 1994, Prescott Brewing Company, a staple on the downtown square, is a great place to get tasty, hearty, home-style food with a southwestern flair. This restaurant is an absolute must for the passing tourist or local looking for a regular spot with some of the best food in town and a comfortable setting.

The two halves of the restaurant boast unique atmospheres. One side feels similar to a typical diner where you could go with your family, and the other like your favorite local bar spot, with dim lights and loud music.

The unique, robust flavors of Prescott Brewing Company (PBC) complement the delicious variety of original beers on tap. Many of the dishes also feature their beers, such as the Shepherd’s Pie, the Hardwood Smoked Rib-Eye Steak and even a Porter Float with chocolate whiskey sauce for the 21-and-older crowd.

The house-made Creamy Mac ’n’ Cheese, a relatively new item to the menu, melds five creamy cheeses over classic elbow macaroni. Sprinkled with bread crumbs and bacon crumbles, it comes with a house salad and a slice of their beer bread (which really does taste like beer). Bringing back memories of home-cooked meals, this dish is an upscale version of a classic favorite.

The Triple-Threat Jalapeño burger adds some fiery flair to the traditional cheeseburger. Melted jalapeño jack cheese, fried jalapeño slices and thick-cut jalapeño bacon smother the quarter-pounder in a mountain of southwestern spice. It is an absolute must-have for those who like their palate hot and bothered.

The night’s special featured a pair of chicken breasts, topped with a slice of ham and smothered with melted cheese, bacon and bacon bits (they do not skimp on the bacon here). If you grew up a “meat and potatoes” kind of person, this is the dish for you. The savory combination of meats and creamy melted cheese is one of the most filling entrees on the menu. Add in the spicy mashed potatoes and of course, their delicious beer bread, and you are sure to have leftovers.

If you still manage to have room for dessert, try the Chocolate Malted Mousse, but be sure to order the parfait version. This sinfully decadent Belgian chocolate, layered with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, definitely deserves more than one spoon.

Their pricing is reasonable, although a little steep for daily dining. The restaurant is ideal for a Friday night with friends or a fun first date. Overall, we give Prescott Brewing Company an enthusiastic  two thumbs up. For their full menu or news about the restaurant, visit, or look for them on Facebook and Twitter.


This article appeared in the May 2011 print edition of The Raven Review.





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