Prescott Film Festival returns for a double take

By Erika DeLeo
Staff Writer

What do The Beatles, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and a small, flying Dutch girl have in common? You can see them all on screen at the second annual Prescott Film Festival, a local event where national talent will converge in the high desert.

About 50 documentary and narrative films will be shown during the five-day festival. Screenings will occur at The Elks Theatre at 117 E. Gurley St. and the Prescott Center for the Arts at 208 N. Marina St., Nov. 2-6.

Despite their independent label, many mainstream faces will appear in the films. Find Jay Leno and Patrick Dempsey in a documentary about racing on Utah’s salt flats in Boys of Bonneville. Christopher Gorham from Ugly Betty stars in the comedy, Somebody’s Hero. Henry Winkler, Fonzie from Happy Days is interviewed in Beatles Stories.

For fans who wish to meet the directors, an all-access pass will buy you face time after some shows. Close to a dozen film directors plan to travel to Prescott for an after-the-show question-and-answer session, Executive Director for the PFF, Helen Stevenson said. To attend these backstage events, an all-access pass is required, which costs $185, and includes tastings of Arizona wines. For the casual viewer, individual tickets can be purchased for $10.

Six free workshops will be offered during the festival, which are geared toward aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters. Workshops will be held at the Downtown Prescott Public Library, Prescott College, and the Hassayampa Inn.

Tickets can be purchased online starting Oct 10, and in person at the PFF office in the Bulleri Building at 122 N. Cortez St., Suite 104, starting Oct 17.

For more details and to view the schedule, visit


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