Ask Erika

Dear Erika,

I feel like there is a taboo on campus about making money, especially if you are not working a menial job or work-study position. How would you deal with working at a well-paying job or working for yourself? Would you tell your friends? Would you tell people you just met?


Ballin’ Collin

Dear Ballin’ Collin,

If I were making a lot of money and someone asked what I did for a living, I would tell them. I would explain my work in a way that emphasized what was important about it instead of how much money I earned through it.

Wealth does not equal greed. Stand by what you do. Demonstrate that you do it because it matters. You are not responsible for other people’s lack of ambition.

Dear Erika,

What is the best way to tell someone they stink?


Tutti Frutti

Dear Tutti Frutti,

On many a Prescott College van ride, I have pondered this very question. I have weighed the possible solutions.

What if I struck up an innocent conversation: “I discovered a great new deodorant! You should switch to it. What kind do you use?” Their answer would of course be “None.” That would be awkward.

I could present The Fragrant One with a gift: Bvlgari II.

No, too expensive.

Instead, as if in a silent agreement between all showered parties in the van, we at once complain that it is too hot, and can we please open the windows? We then stealthily zip our jackets and pretend not to shiver for the next 45 minutes because it is December. Do they take the hint? The jury is still out.


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