Mad lib-eration

By Angela Marcinik

Write down a word for each number. Then fill in the paragraph below and read aloud to some friends.

1. Type of person      2. Adjective    3.Adjective     4. Adjective    5. Verb            6. Noun           7. Noun           8. Plural Noun           9. Adjective    10. Verb            11. Plural Noun        12. Adjective  13. Color         14. Noun        15. Something edible                        16.  Beverage 17. Adjective

Being a true ______1______is being  part of a _______2______ ,_______3_________ subculture. While ______4_______Americans are out ______5______ to see the recent _____6______ Blockbuster sellout. Buying slave-labored ______7________ snacks and $7 dollar mass-marketed refillable ____8______. A subculture that stands out; a ____9______ beacon of morality. Instead of ______10_____  _____11_______ to _____12________corporate giants. If you prefer; 1) pinning a ___13______ _____14______ to your living room walls 2) inviting friends over for __15______ and _____16_______.  3)  if you’ve ever seen a _____17______ foreign film or Wes Anderson film — then you probably belong in the aforementioned subculture.

This article appeared in the March 2012 print edition of The Raven Review.

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