The Search for the Triple B: The Best Breakfast Burrito in Prescott

Jeff Rome

Staff Writer

Meet the triple threat for the best breakfast burrito in Prescott: Alfonso’s, Hugo’s, and Taco Don’s. All three have similarly priced burritos, and all have been said to be the best according to various Prescott College students.

Four variables were considered: price, speed of service, salsa amenities, and weight. My control burrito was an eggs, cheese and potato burrito.

The report:

Alfonso’s        Hugo’s    *            Taco Don’s

Price            $4.33 w/tax        $4.36 w/tax            $4.33 w/tax* Speed of Service*      2:15            8:10*                2:25 Weight*             16.4 oz. = $4.22/lb.       10.7 oz. = $6.53/lb.                 13.8 oz. = $5.02/lb. Salsa Options    Five types of salsa      Unlimited chips and salsa    Hot or mild salsa offered *Hugo’s has received four awards for being the “Best Mexican Restaurant in the Greater Prescott Area,” as determined by Market Surveys of America (El Charro won this award most recently, but I have heard no mention of their breakfast burritos). *Taco Don’s charges extra for burritos not on the menu. The price was actually $5.37, but would have been $4.33 were a cheese, eggs and potato burrito on the menu. *Speed of service was timed from the moment I was given the receipt to when I had the burrito in hand. *Hugo’s speed of service may have taken much longer than usual due to a bit of a crowd upon arrival.

Hypothesis One: If one wishes to stuff their face with a breakfast burrito and spend under five dollars, then Alfonso’s provides the best means of doing so.

Hypothesis Two: If a cozy atmosphere and an endless supply of chips and salsa outweighs the weight per pound variable, then Hugo’s may be the solution for you.

Hypothesis Three: If a friendly staff is the most important variable, then Taco Don’s staff (not to mention that they still have a good price per pound) might make a repeat customer out of you.


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