Ode to Earth

By Aysha Robinson

Your spine stretches for ten thousand miles and your breath destroys the cities of
Your head scrapes the clouds and you heart spews fire, while your veins pulse and
give life to every living thing
There is no name for you. You are too big and unfathomable to be named.
Yet in our unknowing insolence we name you and carve chunks out of your flesh.
We choke your breath and spit at your feet and forget you are our only mother.
Without you we have no life.
For all those who care, for all those who hear and perceive and understand,
Don’t let your voices go unheard.
Shout! Shout until they all hear you.
Shout till they understand.
Shout till every bit of air is gone from your lungs and your heart pounds.
Your life depends on it.


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