A daytripper’s guide to Sedona vortexes

Angela Marcinik

Staff Writer

Sedona, Arizona, renowned for its striking red rock formations, is said to be home to an unusual energy phenomenon known as a vortex, defined as a concentrated funnel of energy. Cottonwood resident Kendra Catalane attributed the concentrated energy spots to giant “deposits of quartz under the earth that are being charged by the earth’s core.”
There are four energy vortexes in Sedona open to the public: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon and Airport Mesa.

If you expect a bush to burst into flames, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Personal intention, many locals agree, is the key to experiencing the vortexes. Bell Rock vortex leaves Catalane noticeably “more energized” than other vortexes in the area, she said.

These attractions bring tourists to Sedona’s many specialty shops, gift shops and tour outfits.  On one block alone you may visit The Crystal Castle, New Sedona Crystal Vortex and Crystal Magic.

The Crystal Castle, according to Eric Evans, a local, is “your typical Sedona tourist store.” Inside you will find glass shelves filled with semi-precious stones believed to have various therapeutic properties. Most of the stones had corresponding astrological signs attributed to them. Small pink baskets held dozens of little plastic bags with nickel-sized quartz crystals. These were said to have been “charged” by the shop at nearby Bell Rock vortex. The tall, older man behind the counter at The Crystal Castle said, “You’ll find the energy . . . if you have intention. It really comes down to intention.”

Just 100 feet away, New Sedona Crystal Vortex displays tables and shelves covered with bowls of stone, and pendants and chains. People milled about, examining hand-carved crystal skulls and pendants from Brazil. Two women were running the store and both were knowledgeable and happy to give advice on how to select the right stone. Cherry an employee at New Sedona Crystal Vortex said “Don’t look at the notecards and then pick a stone; let the stone pick you and then look at its properties. I bet you find it resonates more than you’d expect!” It was as if the customers were new students at Hogwarts waiting to be chosen by their wands.

           The vortexes’ unique energy are said to extend beyond the specific area of concentration. Summit Hotel attributes difficulty with their Wi-Fi connection to being located between two vortexes.

Airport Mesa vortex is a short drive off Highway 89A. The walk to the vortex is mild and short. Climbing up the terracotta-colored stone you might find a half-burned sage bundle on the path, perhaps the remnants of a purifying ritual. At the top of the vortex, the wind can begin to whip. April snowflakes stuck to wooly hats and windbreakers at the outlook, catching weekenders by surprise. Visitors snapped pictures of twisted junipers and ghostly rock formations. The panorama certainly has the power to uplift the most frigid spirits. If one approaches this hike and area with “personal intention,” there is no telling what can happen.

Prescott College student Erika Ruth Flerlage noted atop the vortex, “I don’t know if it’s the energy of this vortex, or the double shot Americano this morning, but I am feeling great today.”


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