Potential for the zombie apocalypse invites the paranoid to plan

Jeff Rome Staff Writer Apocalyptic nerds have reasons to be excited. Did you know that a chicken once survived for 18 months after having had its head severed? That, within a decade, scientists estimate nanobots, or tiny silicone chips, will be advanced and small enough to rewire thoughts in our brain? Oh, also, it might … Continue reading

Prescott’s peccaries bring wilderness close to home

Jeff Rome Staff Writer Javelinas have, to their benefit or detriment, inspired myths as varied as their diet. These creatures, who resemble Pumbaa the warthog from Disney’s “The Lion King,” elicit many different responses from Prescottonians. Some adopt them as household pets. Some, seeing javelinas walking their way, grab their dog and jump in the … Continue reading

Forms of faith in Prescott: three voice their beliefs

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer There are over 40 places of worship within the city of Prescott, roughly one for every thousand Prescottonians. Three young residents share how their belief systems affect their lives. Josh Kelly is a Prescott College student studying adventure education and outdoor leadership. He plays poker regularly and laughs easily. He is … Continue reading

A daytripper’s guide to Sedona vortexes

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer Sedona, Arizona, renowned for its striking red rock formations, is said to be home to an unusual energy phenomenon known as a vortex, defined as a concentrated funnel of energy. Cottonwood resident Kendra Catalane attributed the concentrated energy spots to giant “deposits of quartz under the earth that are being charged … Continue reading

Free your dependence at Freeskool

By Jeff Rome Freeskool is back. Take advantage of it. Hosting events such as crafts night, discussion on race and education, and a free swap, Prescott’s Freeskool gives the community a chance to learn and share with each other. What would you want to learn? What would you like to teach the world? According to … Continue reading

Ferret business thrives in Seligman

By Jeff Rome Seligman, Arizona has a wild nightlife. The town has a very specific and unusual population: they eat nothing but meat, seem to always have a stink about them, are most active around dawn and dusk, prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces and weigh around two or three pounds. Since 1996, when Arizona’s … Continue reading

Sean Hennelly remembered

By Angela Marcinik Sean Hennelly, a Prescott College sophomore studying Adventure Education and Wilderness Leadership, passed away January 17 after a rock climbing accident at the Granite Dells in Prescott, AZ. Sean was born on October 4, 1984 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 27 years old. On a sunny afternoon at the Crossroads … Continue reading

“Keeping Even”: a night of poetry

Angela Marcinik On March 21 at Prescott College, Sheila Sanderson read from her new book of poems, “Keeping Even.” At the top of a long flight of stairs, in the spacious high-ceilinged room that once was part of a monastery, Sanderson, long-time faculty member in the Arts & Letters Program at the college, prepared for … Continue reading

Organizing for America comes to Prescott

Jeff Rome Politics can scare off some of us. The word, the idea, the whole gestalt that politics evokes keeps many at a far distance, but not Sam Coodley. Each week, Coodley devotes 20 to 30 hours, unpaid, to Organizing for America (OFA), an organization dedicated to re-electing President Obama. OFA did not come to … Continue reading

Misguided mindfulness: an ode to frugal American twenty-somethings

By Mike Scott On any given Saturday morning, there is an interesting mix of people at the continental breakfast of any hotel chain in Anywhere, America. No matter how commonplace, it is a strange social atmosphere. The muffled silence and friendly yet awkward interactions are a mixture of a doctor’s office waiting room and an … Continue reading