Ferret business thrives in Seligman

By Jeff Rome Seligman, Arizona has a wild nightlife. The town has a very specific and unusual population: they eat nothing but meat, seem to always have a stink about them, are most active around dawn and dusk, prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces and weigh around two or three pounds. Since 1996, when Arizona’s … Continue reading

Student helps restore Butte Creek

By Eva Hernandez Prescott’s Butte Creek may become the standard of watershed improvement in the state of Arizona. One Prescott College senior is helping make it happen. August York looked out at the intersection of Butte Creek and what used to be Garden Street. Last spring in a course on restoration ecology with instructor Tim Crews, … Continue reading

Forest service examines permitting for Fossil Creek

By Eva Hernandez For almost one hundred years, Fossil Creek was dammed because of a nearby power plant and reduced to a trickle. In 1999, the U.S. Forest Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department restored the water flow. Since 2005, the recreational use of Fossil Creek has been on the rise. The increased flow … Continue reading

Extreme recycling: Turn old plastic bags into yarn

By Maria Johnson Staff Writer Due to rough economic times, the market for salvaging reusable materials has dwindled and recycling programs are being cut, city by city, across the nation. Prescott citizens got a taste of this issue when glass recycling was discontinued on September 1, 2010. After 15 years of challenges in the glass-recycling … Continue reading

U.S. loses ground in scientific research

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer The U.S. no longer leads the way in particle physics. Funding for advancements in the field has been diverted from domestic projects such as those in central Illinois and Stanford, California and put toward globally funded projects, including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. The LHC, opened in 2009, … Continue reading

Wildfires threaten more Prescott homes

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer Wildfire season is approaching in the Prescott area. Chino Valley and Prescott Valley have already experienced several grass-fires. Though the late snowfall this year may delay the fire season in the mountains, individuals should start taking precautions to protect their homes. Typically, the season starts in mid-May and goes on until … Continue reading

Sacred peace walk holds vigil at the most bombed place on earth

By Rebecca Antsis Staff Writer LAS VEGAS — White painted chalk crisply split the ground; on one side of the line, peace activists sang, chanted, wailed, beat drums and stared at a half-dozen guards at the Nevada National Security Site, which was formerly Shoshone land. On April 21, Prescott College Ecology of War & Peace … Continue reading

Off-road driving damages trails in Prescott

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer In the spring, Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) can severely damage forest trails that environmentalists hope the government will protect. The four-wheel drive clubs, on the other hand, blame careless drivers for creating a bad reputation for everyone. Many hikers complain that while enjoying a beautiful, quiet day in the mountains, the … Continue reading

Health benefits of salt water

By Rebecca Antsis Staff Writer Jane Austen raved about it. So did Hippocrates. In 2700 B.C., the Chinese wrote about it. The English, Japanese, Romans and Hungarians even built towns around it. Now, Prescottonians Zachary Dahlmer and West Howland want to submerge entire families in it. The ancient remedy of saltwater has recently surfaced to … Continue reading

FDA cracks down on raw milk farms

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer After a series of recent nation-wide raids, Arizona family-run dairy farms fear their businesses and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Government agencies have been targeting raw milk farms with a court order “to destroy.” Many local Arizona farmers have halted all sales of their raw dairy products, while others refuse to … Continue reading