Hemp: a potentially sustainable resource hampered by myths

Holly Rillovick Hemp is not only a sustainable resource for clothing, paper, and other materials, but it is also very good for our bodies. Still, it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, and there are many myths surrounding it. MYTH: Hemp is the same thing as marijuana. People who are pro-hemp only … Continue reading

Misguided mindfulness: an ode to frugal American twenty-somethings

By Mike Scott On any given Saturday morning, there is an interesting mix of people at the continental breakfast of any hotel chain in Anywhere, America. No matter how commonplace, it is a strange social atmosphere. The muffled silence and friendly yet awkward interactions are a mixture of a doctor’s office waiting room and an … Continue reading

The Search for the Triple B: The Best Breakfast Burrito in Prescott

Jeff Rome Staff Writer Meet the triple threat for the best breakfast burrito in Prescott: Alfonso’s, Hugo’s, and Taco Don’s. All three have similarly priced burritos, and all have been said to be the best according to various Prescott College students. Four variables were considered: price, speed of service, salsa amenities, and weight. My control burrito was an … Continue reading

Ask Erika

Dear Erika, I feel like there is a taboo on campus about making money, especially if you are not working a menial job or work-study position. How would you deal with working at a well-paying job or working for yourself? Would you tell your friends? Would you tell people you just met? Sincerely, Ballin’ Collin Dear … Continue reading

Embracing energy: notes from a reiki experience

Angela Marcinik Columnist My first experience with Reiki was a gift: a voucher for a Reiki meditation class given to me by my father. He was concerned by the fact that his daughter — the very girl who used to cover herself in mud and run around the neighborhood — now cried regularly and slept away the … Continue reading

A pristine Prescott

By Daniel Roca Columnist This past month, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors turned down a meteorological tower proposal that could have led to the development of wind farms on Yolo Ranch lands, northwest of Prescott. Opposition to the project cited concerns for the untouched natural landscape, warning of environmental, habitat and noise disturbances, while … Continue reading

Safety measures missing at Granite Mountain

By Daniel Roca Columnist This past winter, the critical injury of Granite Mountain climber Elise Anderson highlighted the absence of safety measures for rock-climbing in Prescott. What if the rope had not caught Anderson, and she had taken a 35-foot fall onto a knife-blade edge? What kind of rescue measures would we have in place … Continue reading

What Prescott lacks: a climbing gym

By Libby Sherwood Columnist Flagstaff has one. Phoenix has several. Cities all across the country benefit from them. Despite Prescott’s large population of climbers, our town still lacks a climbing gym. Prescott is home to hundreds of climbers. Although the town boasts some of the best crack-climbing in Arizona, it lacks the training ground that … Continue reading

A biased look at the biased media

By Rebecca Antsis Staff Writer In the latest on a list of big corporate media mergers, AOL made a bid Feb. 7, 2011, to buy the leftist-leaning site, The Huffington Post, for $315 million. Known for its intelligent content, The Huffington Post will soon have to answer to a mighty new boss. Time Warner, parent … Continue reading

Think you’re being brainwashed? Highly likely!

By Rebecca Antsis Columnist “Fear is the parent of cruelty.” -James Anthony Froude, Short Studies on Great Subjects. Politicians love to use fear. “Code red,” “terror alert,” “national security threat”– sound familiar? They use these scare tactics for re-election and to pass their agendas. “Protect democracy” translates to “Elect me! We’ll go to war to ensure … Continue reading