Prescott’s top four trail-running loops under ten miles

By Jeff Rome With the Whiskey Row Marathon coming up May 5, Prescott’s runners are out hitting the trails. Trail runners seem to gravitate towards the Peavine Trail by Watson Lake and the ever-popular Thumb Butte Recreation Area, but if it is worth the effort to drive, bike or run all the way to those … Continue reading

Keeping Austin weird

By Holly Rillovick It was a warm and muggy March day in Austin, Texas. Some birds were singing happily atop full, leafy green trees as I passed cafes and churches and walked through a flock of pigeons on Guadalupe and 21st. Many of the eager college-age students that were passing me by were chattering excitedly … Continue reading

Mad lib-eration

By Angela Marcinik Write down a word for each number. Then fill in the paragraph below and read aloud to some friends. 1. Type of person      2. Adjective    3.Adjective     4. Adjective    5. Verb            6. Noun           7. Noun           8. Plural Noun           9. Adjective    10. Verb            11. Plural Noun        12. Adjective  13. Color         14. Noun        15. Something … Continue reading