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  1. A reader says:

    Dear Editor,

    Your Staff Writer, Ms. Asa Bjorklund’s article, “Religious influence on government expands,” in the April edition of The Raven Review is a poorly-written, cheap shot at Christianity, and a disgrace to your otherwise good newspaper.
    To place this piece in the “Local” section is clearly a mistake. It should have been an Opinion piece, perhaps just a letter from Ms. Serah Blain, if what she has to say is so important that her quotes should take up the majority of the article. Your writer makes no attempt at offering the point of view of the lobbying religious organizations. It is as if she assumes that no reader will deem these monstrous groups credible enough to hear their side. She has but two sources who agree with each other. How do you expect any reader to take this article seriously?
    I had to laugh when, as proof that religious groups threaten to “jeopardize the health” and “rights,” of citizens, she devoted four paragraphs to examples of a faithful-to-the-death mother in Tennessee and a freak daycare accident in Alabama! While these are fascinating bizarre news tidbits, their relevance is far-fetched, to say the least.
    Perhaps Ms. Bjorklund believes that because the majority of the readership of this newspaper are nonreligious left-wingers, she can talk about the horrors of the church, with shoddy backup evidence, and readers will applaud her. Here’s some breaking news for you: there are Christians and conservatives at Prescott College, and they notice when you publish biased, idiotic rants trying to pass as news.
    On a side note, I think Asa is one of your best writers this year, which is why I am even bothering to write this letter. She can do much better.
    Thank you for your attention. I look forward to the next issue of The Raven Review.

    A reader

  2. Serah says:

    To the Editor:

    I greatly appreciated Asa Bjorklund’s willingness to explore the reasons we chose to start a Secular Student Alliance at Prescott College (SSA at PC) and her coverage of our kickoff event with Secular Coalition for America’s (SCA) executive director Sean Faircloth. I’m somewhat confused as to how the reader above found the article in general, or the comments Mr. Faircloth and I made in particular, to be an attack on Christianity. Mr. Faircloth heads a coalition that represents nontheists specifically–but he also works closely with people of faith in order to safeguard the separation of church and state. His speech highlighted instances where this separation has eroded and resulted in real harm to real people. I would also like to note that the “freak” incidents of death in Tennessee were not isolated, and Mr. Faircloth described multiple incidents in his speech. He never attacked Christianity or any other religious group. Mr. Faircloth’s attacks were entirely directed at religious privilege and violations of church-state separation.

    Similarly, SSA at PC is deeply committed to interfaith collaboration in the interest of social justice; we do not take a stand against people of faith–but we do take a stand against religious intrusion into secular law. Christians and nontheists alike are protected by the separation of church and state; its erosion threatens all of us. SSA at PC participates in lobbying efforts to correct this serious problem. I did speak to the fact that many CAP-sponsored bills this legislative season are based entirely on evangelical Christian morality–but this is not an attack on Christianity. It is an attack on our legislators who create laws based on one particular religion to the exclusion of all other faith perspectives and nontheistic philosophies.

    SSA at PC also participates in interfaith dialogue in order to build community, to draw attention to our common ground as one human family, and to organize for positive social change. I apologize if the reader who wrote the above letter felt attacked, and would invite him/her to contact me directly to learn more about SSA at PC and SCA.

    Serah Blain

  3. To the Raven Review Staff,

    Do you accept article submissions and, if so, where can I email them?

    Thank you,

    -M. Keller Brewer, Student attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

    • Michael,

      Yes, we certainly do, and please encourage your classmates to submit articles. You can send them to

      Thank you,
      Erika DeLeo
      The Raven Review Editor

  4. Debra Jan Owen says:

    Hi Erika,
    My name is Debra Jan Owen. I’m in the process of launching my “pet project” and so casting my net wide to search for writers. Please pass along this information to anyone who might be interested in doing interviews and writing for this “community passion project.” Thanks a ton!

    For many months I’ve been working on designing and developing a “creative community passion project.” It’s affectionately named Prescott Arts Journey (PAJ). There are still some important bits to put to bed (website and fb page… yikes!), and a few administrative loose ends to tie up. My goal is to publish the PAJ e-newsletter the first week of May… Yikes!

    The heart of Prescott Arts Journey is two-pronged.

    I – A monthly e-newsletter, “Art is passion. Life is art!” featuring interviews with seven passionate and compassionate creative leaders in our community. They are the people committed to highly creative pursuits who “get it done anyway.” These people are not always enjoying the warmth of the spot light. The focus of the interview is on “what motivates” these leaders. What is their vision/goal and why are they doing this?

    II – A monthly public forum, “CrossSector” featuring the interviewees as panelists sharing “about their projects.” The “what are they doing” toward realizing their vision. The forum takes place two/three weeks after the e-newsletter is published. At the forum each person will have 5-7 minutes to share: 1.What is coming up with their passion project. 2. Where is their “share-able abundance?” 3. What are their “needs to be filled?” The forum will close with audience questions and comments.

    The goals of this two-pronged approach (eNewsletter/Forum) are: 1. celebrate those who are “driving the passion and getting it done.” 2. highlight that creativity is found in all aspects of our society and culture. 3. promote the concept of “sharing resources” across disciplines 4. and finally, that “we’re all in this together.”

    I have one writer so far. I’m looking for three or four more writers, asap. note: To start I can only promise the writers will enjoy high visibility credit for their work in the eNewsletter, on the website and the facebook page. I will be selling advertising to support this venture and compensate the writers. As this is a new venture, advertising revenue is starting at zero now… and will have to “build up” to become meaningful compensation.

    One more thing, I’m also looking for an editor!

    Comments and questions are welcome. Thanks again for your help!

  5. Chad Castigliano says:

    Hello, my name is Chad Castigliano and I am the person who took that photo of the Kestrel High School students and their bench. Can I please receive credit for the photo please? Thank you.

    • Dear Chad,

      I apologize for that. You now have a credit online.


  6. Heather says:

    I just read your article titled, “What Prescott Lacks: A Climbing Gym.” I couldn’t agree more. I love everything about Prescott, but I am reluctant to move back there because of there being no gym there anymore. I am curious if there has been any progress with getting a gym opened there or getting the YMCA to reopen the gym they had? Has any progress been made? Is anything in the works?

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