Lunar Eclipse

Nell Smith Somewhere in Oklahoma, pulled off of the highway on exit 88, we stood in the gravel of scrubby darkness. Heads full of ideas and inquisition hurrying through the night on our way East from the West. Near to nothing the grasses swayed unseen and we stopped to shiver where cities couldn’t steal the … Continue reading

Three Moths

Nell Smith During summer I spent many hours high between the rafters and stacked bales hiding away chewing pieces of hay and staring at the thick, brown barn spiders suspended like dark stars in the constellations of their webs. A moth twisted in turmoil as they strolled across their night ropes weaving their own kind … Continue reading


By Daniel Roca Just blackness if blackness can be a memory Ivory pupils Dropped jaw below the steering wheel The weight of bones uncurling across pavement Fracking atoms in a vacuum the way nails rattle in a tube


By Daniel Roca Long ropes of water hung off my face and rivulets slithered down my sternum and down my sucked ribs and down across my torso and along my thighs and spilled out through the gap between my toes toward the abyssal drain I shut my eyes and leaned — forehead to the tile … Continue reading

Take a whisk: run the 34th annual Whiskey Row Marathon

By Jeff Rome Prescott’s own Whiskey Row Marathon will have thousands out on the roads this May 5. Events include — in addition to the full marathon — a half-marathon, a 10K, and a two-mile “fun run.” Tony Ebarb, Prescott resident and co-founder of the Whiskey Row Marathon, ran the 10K last year in his … Continue reading

Free your dependence at Freeskool

By Jeff Rome Freeskool is back. Take advantage of it. Hosting events such as crafts night, discussion on race and education, and a free swap, Prescott’s Freeskool gives the community a chance to learn and share with each other. What would you want to learn? What would you like to teach the world? According to … Continue reading

Ferret business thrives in Seligman

By Jeff Rome Seligman, Arizona has a wild nightlife. The town has a very specific and unusual population: they eat nothing but meat, seem to always have a stink about them, are most active around dawn and dusk, prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces and weigh around two or three pounds. Since 1996, when Arizona’s … Continue reading

Prescott College adds on-campus Master’s program

By Mike Scott Prescott College is adding a Social Justice and Human Rights on-campus Master’s program scheduled for its first semester in the fall of 2012. According to Mary Poole, one of the Prescott College faculty members working on the initiative, this program is designed to “ … help students learn directly about how to … Continue reading

Sean Hennelly remembered

By Angela Marcinik Sean Hennelly, a Prescott College sophomore studying Adventure Education and Wilderness Leadership, passed away January 17 after a rock climbing accident at the Granite Dells in Prescott, AZ. Sean was born on October 4, 1984 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 27 years old. On a sunny afternoon at the Crossroads … Continue reading

Hemp: a potentially sustainable resource hampered by myths

Holly Rillovick Hemp is not only a sustainable resource for clothing, paper, and other materials, but it is also very good for our bodies. Still, it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, and there are many myths surrounding it. MYTH: Hemp is the same thing as marijuana. People who are pro-hemp only … Continue reading