Modern Rodeo brings ranchers together

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer The car stirs up a cloud of dust on the road through the pale plains outside Chino Valley. Tumbleweeds roll across the parking area of the Livestock Auction. Awaiting the events, four young boys of different heights but matching cowboy hats manage to keep their white shirts spotless as they play … Continue reading

Arizona students collaborate for social justice

By Daniel Roca Staff Writer TUCSON, Ariz. — Behind heavy doors in the César Chávez building at the University of Arizona, elementary and high school students from across the state gathered together for a weekend of art, collaboration, organizing and activism on April 16-17 at the second annual Praxis Youth Conference. The goal of the … Continue reading

More than 100,000 Arizonans risk losing Medicaid coverage

Proposed bill targets people below poverty line, smokers and obese By Erika DeLeo Staff Writer Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer plans to trim Medicaid in an effort to close the budget gap. The cuts would affect those those living under the poverty level as well as the health care facilities that care for them, such as Yavapai … Continue reading

Quad-city children face hunger and poor nutrition

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer Hundreds of local children face hunger and poor nutrition in the coming months, partly because of the lack of free school lunches during summer break, and partly because the Weekend Family Food Project (WFFP) is running out of funding. Serving 450 children in 13 schools and childcare centers in the Quad-city … Continue reading

Local veterans face challenges

VA provides help to reduce trauma with free health care By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer In Northern Arizona there are currently 1,723 veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with more expected as military operations downsize. The “signature injuries” of these wars are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The latter … Continue reading

Bakers on bikes deliver fresh bread to your doorstep

By Daniel Roca Staff Writer Fresh from the oven, a loaf of Whole-Wheat Spelt Flax Sourdough rests open and broken into wedges on the table. Some of these organic golden crumbs roll precariously close to the edge, where they might fall conveniently into my palm and enter my mouth. The loaf on the table is … Continue reading

FDA cracks down on raw milk farms

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer After a series of recent nation-wide raids, Arizona family-run dairy farms fear their businesses and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Government agencies have been targeting raw milk farms with a court order “to destroy.” Many local Arizona farmers have halted all sales of their raw dairy products, while others refuse to … Continue reading

Religious influence on government expands

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer The increasing economic influence religious groups have on American politics threatens to further jeopardize the health, rights and education of citizens, according to the Secular Coalition of America (SCA). Politicians dependent on campaign money from churches steadily pass religious-based laws, affecting citizens nation-wide on a multitude of levels, said Sean Faircloth, … Continue reading

Jumpers take to the sky at Eloy’s Skydive Arizona

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer As you leave the plane and transition into freefall over Skydive Arizona and the nearby town of Eloy, body suspended in mid-flight like a leaf making its way toward the earth, the tensions and anxieties that plague your mind instantly float away. Give in to the overcoming urge to relax. … Continue reading

Uranium mining threatens Grand Canyon communities

By Simone Crowe Staff Writer FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Over a thousand uranium mines have already contaminated water across the Southwest, poisoning communities with radiation that leads to cancer, harming the biodiversity of rivers and dissipating toxic ore-dust into the air. Despite the immeasurable damage the mess of these abandoned mines has inflicted, the Federal government … Continue reading