Modern Rodeo brings ranchers together

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer The car stirs up a cloud of dust on the road through the pale plains outside Chino Valley. Tumbleweeds roll across the parking area of the Livestock Auction. Awaiting the events, four young boys of different heights but matching cowboy hats manage to keep their white shirts spotless as they play … Continue reading

Experience Tibet at Chino Valley’s Garchen Institute

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer Wind from the San Francisco Peaks gently bends prayer flags to the south. They flap and snap their tattered ends to the rhythm of the buzzing flies. Inviting trees shade single-person stone benches tucked beneath their branches. Colorful tiered Buddhist monuments called stupas rise toward cloudless blue skies. Human voices … Continue reading

FDA cracks down on raw milk farms

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer After a series of recent nation-wide raids, Arizona family-run dairy farms fear their businesses and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Government agencies have been targeting raw milk farms with a court order “to destroy.” Many local Arizona farmers have halted all sales of their raw dairy products, while others refuse to … Continue reading