Garchen Rinpoche speaks to crowded audience at Crossroads Center

Holly Rillovick Staff Writer Prescott College’s Crossroads Center was jam-packed on March 8 with people who came to hear H.E. Garchen Rinphoche, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, speak about learning how to love. Upon entering the Crossroads Center, each person was given a small yellow booklet called “The Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices.” Inside, groups of people bustled … Continue reading

Experience Tibet at Chino Valley’s Garchen Institute

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer Wind from the San Francisco Peaks gently bends prayer flags to the south. They flap and snap their tattered ends to the rhythm of the buzzing flies. Inviting trees shade single-person stone benches tucked beneath their branches. Colorful tiered Buddhist monuments called stupas rise toward cloudless blue skies. Human voices … Continue reading