Music at Prescott College? A look at the past, present and future

Holly Rollovick Staff Writer From bands like the Butte Creek Boys and Bird Teeth, to singer/songwriters and rap artists, many Prescott College students are enamored with music. Yet, due to space and budget constraints, the college currently does not offer regularly scheduled music courses. Students who want to study the field must do so through … Continue reading

DeVotchKa strikes again

By Rebecca Antsis Staff Writer TEMPE, Ariz. — Vengo! Vengo! Gusto! Me gusta! Dolorous. Frenzied. Tender. Aflame. Alive. Welcome to DeVotchKa. Like vagrants lost among mariachi bands, bleary-eyed cowboys and Romanian fiddlers, DeVotchKa seems to keep company with no one for too long, unfurling a distinct oeuvre, unmistakably their own. On March 13, DeVotchKa blew … Continue reading