Prescott College professor Sam Henrie reveals colorful past

By Rebecca Antsis Staff Writer He has been at Prescott College a long time: for 39 years, having taught over 40 different courses. Official titles: Professor of Humanities, Professor Emeritus. Education: Bachelor of Music from Brigham Young University, Masters in Music from the University of Utah, Doctorate in Educational Psychology at Berkeley. Inspired by: Prescott … Continue reading

Arizona students collaborate for social justice

By Daniel Roca Staff Writer TUCSON, Ariz. — Behind heavy doors in the César Chávez building at the University of Arizona, elementary and high school students from across the state gathered together for a weekend of art, collaboration, organizing and activism on April 16-17 at the second annual Praxis Youth Conference. The goal of the … Continue reading

Bakers on bikes deliver fresh bread to your doorstep

By Daniel Roca Staff Writer Fresh from the oven, a loaf of Whole-Wheat Spelt Flax Sourdough rests open and broken into wedges on the table. Some of these organic golden crumbs roll precariously close to the edge, where they might fall conveniently into my palm and enter my mouth. The loaf on the table is … Continue reading

FDA cracks down on raw milk farms

By Libby Sherwood Staff Writer After a series of recent nation-wide raids, Arizona family-run dairy farms fear their businesses and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Government agencies have been targeting raw milk farms with a court order “to destroy.” Many local Arizona farmers have halted all sales of their raw dairy products, while others refuse to … Continue reading

Prescott changes attitude towards the homeless population

By Åsa Björklund Staff Writer In the wake of Spring 2010’s controversial homeless raids and arrests, the city of Prescott launched a project to address vagrancy in the community. In collaboration with shelters and downtown businesses, city officials are working to inform homeless people about services while helping to increase respect for the population throughout the … Continue reading