Forms of faith in Prescott: three voice their beliefs

Angela Marcinik Staff Writer There are over 40 places of worship within the city of Prescott, roughly one for every thousand Prescottonians. Three young residents share how their belief systems affect their lives. Josh Kelly is a Prescott College student studying adventure education and outdoor leadership. He plays poker regularly and laughs easily. He is … Continue reading

A weekend at the Potter’s House

Jeff Rome Staff Writer My friends warned me against it. “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid,” said Prescott College student Alan Brown. “Don’t let them trap you,” said my housemate Lily Jackson. But I went alone to find the truth in all the hubbub surrounding Club One80. I made it out, the doors as open to my … Continue reading

Tax credit said to promote religion

By Erika DeLeo Staff Writer In Arizona, private schools will continue to benefit from a controversial tax credit that some say allows the government to endorse religion on the taxpayers’ dime. The credit allows people to donate to School Tuition Organizations (STOs), which then give the money to students for private school tuition. The following … Continue reading